As a company with a high degree of social responsibility of business, Kawei Chemical fulfill its responsibilities as a corporate citizen in all regions where it operates. In China, Kawei Chemical commitment to sustainable development, namely the balance between economic interests, environmental and social responsibilities between enterprise value through innovative corporate social responsibility.

Business is not only to create profits, but also take into account the interests of customers and the community. Kawei Chemical understanding of corporate social responsibility more broadly, as long as all contribute to the sustainable development of corporate social responsibility to fulfill the important content, such as recycling energy conservation, reduce pollution emissions, resources and products, working environment, training , social welfare, public utilities. Prior to the full introduction of the concept of CSR in 2003, Kawei Chemical chemical careful practice of talent development, environmental protection, risk management, etc., to achieve a high level of professionalism, forming a pattern of a CSR best practice locally.
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