With the strengthening of environmental protection and industrial hygiene legislation in all countries around the world, and strict restrictions on VOC consumption of organic solvents, the form is becoming increasingly severe, environmental protection and pollution-free products are more and more widely concerned and loved by people all over the world. In the field of shoemaking, this is even more true. At present, the high-end tourist shoes (most famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, puma, Nb, etc.) exported to Europe, North America and other countries are not allowed to use solvent based VOC excess adhesives. In order to meet the requirements of the industry, under the mission of "using the most environmentally friendly way to create the most perfect bond", Kawei chemical company has successively developed a series of environmentally friendly products, such as water-based rubber, water-based film absorbing rubber, water-based vulcanizate, water-based spray, water-based treatment agent, water-based cleaner, water-based hardener, etc. At the same time, Kawei chemical company has nearly 100 professional technical service teams around the world, providing customers with comprehensive on-site technical guidance, adhesive process teaching, training and other services.

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